Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are we expected to return to the start after the event to collect medals etc?
No, due to the logistics of the event medals and t-shirts will be issued at the event start. Other prizes will be sent by post after the event.

2. What do we do with our trackers after the event?
These will be the responsibility of the participant to post back to the supplier.
Each runner will be responsible for returning the trackers as detailed on the joining instructions. Du to the nature of the trackers each runner will be responsible for the safe return to Racedrone by the required post race date, failure to do so will incur a further charge (further instructions will be provided with joining instructions.)

3. What safety cover is available?
The primary safety cover and support for each runner will come from their own nominated support crew. DSRT Plymouth will provide safety teams for calls near to the start. For calls further afield the appropriate emergency service will be mobilised with possible DSRT Plymouth support. If the emergency button on the tracker is activated 999 will be called by race control for appropriate support to be mobilised to your location.

4. How does the tracker work?
The tracker works by GPS and will be constantly monitored by race control. The tracker will be attached to your bag at race registration and should not be moved. There is an emergency button function that should only be activated in an emergency/immediate assistance needed. If this button is activated we will call 999. Friends and family can follow your progress at

5. What if I push the emergency button on the tracker by accident?
The tracker is designed so that this doesn't happen. If by chance the tracker is activated by accident contact race control immediately and we can halt any emergency assistance. 

6. Does each individual  have to carry the mandatory kit list?
Yes, this is to ensure safety of each single participant, even if escaping with other prisoners.

7. Is there car parking at the start?
Yes, there will be ample parking at the start however, this is only for the start of the race. If you wish to leave a vehicle in Princetown you will need to park on the village or visitor centre carpark. A small parking fee applies.

8. Is this a race or can I got at my own pace?
Of course, this is a personal challenge. Many will consider it a competition which of course we welcome. Some will simply aim perhaps to make it home to Plymouth or Exeter in 12 or 24 hours which is enough of a challenge for most folk! Therefore, we encourage all participants to enjoy escaping at whatever pace they are happy with!  

9. Am I a 'felon' or a 'delinquent'?
Well, from the booking system it would appear that there are considerably more delinquents than felons but we find that hard to believe.